• Natural healing of brain must be supported with active contribution from the patient for total recovery.
  • Recovery continues even for years after natural healing is completed.
  • Patient must earn this recovery by introducing right stimulus & channelizing the various forces to help CNS to help the movement & balance control.
  • Forces that can abuse the return of lost control must be trapped before it sets itself in the long-term memory of CNS making victory over stroke a difficult task. (Read about Excercises - Do's and Don'ts)
  • Failing to channelise the natural recovery is reflected upon the wrist & fingers when it turns spastic, stiff, and difficult to open
  • Use & Abuse of the leg reflects upon the recovery of the arm.
  • Recovery of arm & leg is strongly interlinked.
  • Attitude of the patient influences the recovery. Pessimism has damaging impact on the natural recovery.
  • Optimist makes use of his brain as a tool on the principles of the VASA CONCEPT to get victory over stroke.