That awful day, when I got stroke I lost sense in the right side of my body and could not speak.

The next few days amongst the turmoil my sister in law who herself is Physiotherapist suggested name of Dr. Rajul Vasa to my wife and family as already top Neurologist and regular conventional Physiotherapist could not give any convincing answer for my recovery.On about 6th day after the stroke Dr Vasa visited me that time i was told since i was heavily drugged i could hardly register what she was saying but she was the only Doctor who after going through my MRI could convince my wife and family that i would be able to walk and talk too if not sooner than later!

The Miracle lady Dr. Vasa!


When i was in better condition after 15 days just to understand, Dr Vasa ’s instructions poured new life in my lifeless limbs and filled my mind with hope. She made me walk in my hospital room and prescribed more don’ts than do’s for my exercise routine, which my wife followed up to the tee!

The Miracle lady without any instrument and without any medications and props by simply explaining to me and my family that there was nothing wrong with my hand or leg, the walking movements are more connected with spine so just now some nerve cells in brain which gives commands to limbs is disrupted and just as there is block on highway we have to use bye -lane to rejoin the main road again and those bye -lanes in the brains has to be made by me so that i can go back on the road of recovery.

Somehow her simple logic, visits at home in my familiar surroundings, hydro therapy etc. instead of clinic or hospital and her total dedication and advise has changed my life and I felt that I was given new lease of life and able to not only lead a normal life but also have become President of Rotary Club of Bombay Airport 10 years after my stroke!

Dr. Vasa’s treatment is breakthrough, which really needs to be popularized, and I hope and pray to God that more and more patients are able to get benefits from her outstanding unique yet seemingly so simple treatment which should be popularized worldwide!

For me she is and will be an angel who with her magic treatment rejuvenated my sinking life!

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I was 35 with my 12 years only son when my husband suffered from a stroke and suddenly my world went upside down, amongst the outpouring of advise and streams of doctors none of whom could give us single convincing answer about my husband’s recovery, my sister who is a Physiotherapist herself suggested that Dr Vasa is the Neuro-Physiotherapist i jumped to the idea of consulting her.

From the leading doctors to physios it was only Dr. Vasa who said with confidence that my husband would walk and talk!

She explained that in the initial period there were more don’ts than do’s as patient is heavily drugged and was not in a position to understand the instructions.

Keeping my total faith in her we stopped the conventional physiotherapy and was astounded to see my husband walking in presence of Dr. Vasa in the hospital itself within 2 weeks of stroke.

Her convincing explanation of making another road in the brain as highway was disrupted and her easy to understand exercise where the patient himself had to make effort to gain control effortlessly was indeed the best and biggest breakthrough in the treatment.

Another outstanding advice was she treated the patient as a whole in his own home own surrounding immediately putting him at ease as well as knowing his practical difficulties at his own home really helps the patients and the relatives as it all the cumbersome treatment at clinics and wheelchair etc is avoided.

Another miracle was she never advised a stick nor wheelchair! For a support as she was so sure and clear and encouraged that family members support him which really does tons of good to the psychology of the patient as well as relatives as dependence on the stick becomes a habit which never was obstacle for my husband!

I have no words to describe my heartfelt Thanks to Dr. Vasa, as i feel she does not only have outstanding knowledge of Neurology but her holistic approach of treating the patient as whole and self exercising and detailed progress on her each visit really made the complete difference which otherwise would have been impossible to achieve without her help.

Since than i have seen lots of stroke patients who have followed conventional physiotherapy but to my dismay i have seen tremendous lacuna and deformity either in hand going inward or the fist closing or the circular movement of the leg while walking, which are the telling effects of all conventionally treated patients which is almost missing in my husband.

Today Thanks to Miracle lady Dr Vasa that he is 90% normal as he gave up exercising and does not use his hand to write otherwise all movements are normal and lay person will not be able to make out that he was a stroke patient.

Myself and my family shall always be indebted to God for endowing gift of gab to Dr Vasa who can really revolutionize the treatment of Stroke with her tremendous knowledge and dedication to her profession and love for her patient.

I earnestly request Dr. Vasa to PATENT her treatment as VASA Techniques so the world can take benefit of her outstanding achievements and give her recognition as the pioneer for her breakthrough treatment and techniques!

For me and my family she is and shall remain a beautiful angel who lifted the curtain of darkness from our life! May God bless her and fulfill all her dreams and help her to reach the pinnacle of success!

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