DOB: 05 -11-1977

Updated on 9th Aug 2011

Oct 2010: It was 16 Aug 2005, and probably my last appointment with my Gynacacologist before I delivered my Baby. Everything seemed normal with my BP at 120/80 and my Gynac gave me thumbs up. I came home very excited and eagerly waiting for my child.

I got up next day morning and felt very dizzy. I thought it was morning sickness which I had been experiencing during my entire pregnancy and went to the toilet. I felt very uneasy and so lied down again.

After a while I tried getting up, sat on the bed and tried to put my foot on the floor, but was unable to do so. My left foot was swinging uncontrollably in the air. I was very scared, didn’t know what happened. I lied down again and woke up my husband.


Within 15 minutes my entire left side was not in my control. I could not get up. I immediately called my gynacacologist Dr. Duru Shah who asked for me being brought to her clinic. On the way to the clinic, I vomited and that time I realized something was happening in my brain. When we reached the doctor’s clinic, my blood pressure measured very high. Something seemed seriously wrong and I could see that on my husband’s face.

An ambulance was called immediately and I was taken for an MRI. I was able to hear about my suffering hemorrhage in brain and that a detailed MRI had to be done. It took quite some time over there and then they took me straight to Hospital where I was registered to for delivery for my child.

I was kept in the ICCU practically immobile from my left side and nine months pregnant and all alone. I get still scared when I remember that time.

I was taken for sonography to check the growth of my baby, but the radiologist said that the baby had still not developed and we had to wait for C-section.

I was in the ICCU for 9 days during which the neurologist examined me and made me undergo physiotherapy once a day wherein few passive exercises were done on my hand. But no exercise would be done on my leg as I was pregnant. However, the full impact of the stroke and the after effects were yet to sink in.

Finally on 30 Aug 2005, my C-section was done and I delivered a baby boy. Everybody was relieved that both the mother and child had survived. But the relief was short lived as my son’s lungs had not inflated well and so he was kept in incubators and on ventilators. I was unaware of his condition and was told that he has been kept away in NICCU for special care.

After the delivery, physical therapy was done in the hospital. Every day a new physiotherapist came and made me do different exercises for about 20 to 25 minutes. The therapist just did not know themselves what was to be done; a new exercise was done every day. I remember once a therapist came and made me do exercises on my right side when actually my left side was affected. When my father questioned him, he was clueless.

The neurologist who was treating me left for a conference or a holiday without even having a word with us about the future treatment and a new neurologist came to check me. He told my family that I need to go for an Angiography of the Brain to check whether there are any other week capillaries. Then he said he would decide on the brain surgery. We were really very scared. Luckily, the result of the angiography was positive and no surgery took place that saved me from further misery.

In hindsight it seems neither so-called specialist neurologists nor do physiotherapists seem to have any clue about the recovery from stroke, zilch!

My son was also showing some progress. Then my neurologist came back. We informed him about the angiography done in his absence. It looked from his face that it was not required. Then he checked my leg, and he started scolding other junior doctors for not moving my leg at all. It was nearly a month by now. He said to make me wear a medicated stocking for the legs, for blood circulation, they were right up till the thigh. Those stocking were so tight that it required 3 people to make me wear it. I wore these stocking day & night for more than two months. The doctor had left without giving any proper instructions about me and thus I had lost my initial crucial days of speedy recovery. At the hospital my folks were not aware of the actual condition. They didn’t know the recovery was so slow and would require lots of time. Nothing was discussed to them or with me in detail.

After the discharge, I went to stay with my parents where a physiotherapist started coming home for my therapy. I continued physiotherapy under her for 2 years. In between my dad used to take me to a physiotherapy center where I was given stimulation. But that too didn’t help much. I used to do a lot of exercise with my therapist, such as squats with support, crunches, taking weight on hands, tying weights and raising hands, legs, etc.

My hand was slowly getting better but my leg continued to go from bad to worse. I could not stand for long time. While walking, I used to lift from my pelvis instead of hip. The leg used to go in circumduction while walking. Many a times I had foot drops and my physiotherapist told me to wear a splint at night, for foot & ankle. I wore this splint for more than 2 years at night and it did not really help.

After 2 years, I stopped therapy under her, as no further improvement was seen. And then I joined a gym and lost some weight. I weighed 76 kg at that time. During one of my routine check up with my neurologist, he asked me to try Mentamove treatment. I tried this treatment for about 2 & half months. But all the efforts went in vain and no progress was seen. I ended up wasting my precious time and money as I see it happening with most of the stroke patients before they find DR Vasa.

Life seemed to have almost come to a full stop. And somewhere down I was accepting that fact that I will have to suffer this disability all my life. In all this, my son was my only saving grace. I wanted to get well for him. I used to work very hard in gym, struggled to do cardio and other exercises with various equipments. I also took a diet program & a personal trainer, under whom I lost 10 kgs and a lot of inches. I looked better and slimmer. But that was just an outer appearance. Inside, I was still very weak and shattered and constantly fighting with myself.

I used to avoid going out and interacting with people. I never liked to answer questions of curious people around me. A lot of negativity was getting generated and stored inside me and it was also being reflected in my relationship with the family members.

By sheer luck, a common friend introduced me to Trupti whose daughter Parnasi who had AVM bleed was lucky to find Dr Rajul Vasa. I was given an appointment to meet Dr. Rajul Vasa at Prem Puri Ashram on Sunday in December 2008. I lost my three and a half years before I could find Dr Vasa.

During my first visit, I spoke to many other patients who happily shared their experience. They all said Dr. Rajul Vasa is the best authority on stroke recovery and her therapy indeed works as I could see by observing other patients.  I would like to mention my observation at this point that Dr. Vasa is the only doctor I have met who encourages interaction among her patients. No other doctor ever dares to do so.

I was explained about the VASA Concept and that I will be required to work with complete commitment and sincerity. In the first week I was given 2 exercises to do and within few days I felt that my leg muscles started loosening and the stiffness was reducing.

The best statement that I liked when I read on the website of Dr. Rajul was that she never said that it was too late for recovery. Time was not a condition or a limitation for the treatment and recovery under the VASA Concept. This assurance was never given to me anywhere. The only condition required is hard work and dedication from the patient as well as the family.

I started exercising and with every passing week, I began getting better. My muscle started getting stronger. My confidence level started going up day by day.

I still remember I never crossed the roads alone till I met Dr. Vasa. I couldn’t cross the dividers on the road either. Now all that is history! My fears have vanished and my muscle power has gone up and so is my ability to move around without fear. Within a month of my treatment, I had travelled all alone with my son from Mumbai Central to Andheri in a Taxi. I was very happy that day. I had never travelled or gone anywhere alone during the 3 years of my illness.

The circumduction of my foot and the foot drop, were no longer there. Once my cousin met me after quite a long time and asked me whether the circular movements have improved. For a second, I forgot what circumduction was as I do not experience it any longer.

I also had sensory difficulties and the sensation on my left foot was not normal. There was a lot of reflex action if anything touched my foot or if I had to walk on any different texture surface. This difficulty has also been overcome since I have been treated under the VASA Concept. The sensation in my left foot has improved a lot and now there is no reflex withdrawal action.

After my stroke, over the years my left foot had become flat and small and also the color was darker than my right foot. But thanks to working under VASA Concept, now the curvature of my foot is seen. Also the left foot length has improved and is almost equal to my right foot. The skin colour of my entire leg has changed, it has become fairer and skin looks much alive. No difference can be seen as compared to the right leg. This is because the exercises which we do are very active and rigorous and so the circulation of the blood is better and hence we feel alive and stronger. Our immunity increases and our muscles strengthen under the VASA Concept of treatment. And all this happens with the different exercises done by us as shown by Dr. Rajul Vasa. Also under the VASA Concept, treatment is tailor made to suit every patients need and requirements, thanks to our doctor who takes so much effort in each of her patients.

My hamstrings were rated zero on the scale of 5 before I met Dr. Vasa, they were the weakest muscle in my leg. But today, even these muscles have come up. Now I can easily stand on my right foot and bend my left leg from my knee.

To add dressing to the cake, I got an offer from College to teach final year BMS students, which I took up and today I take 4 lectures in a row i.e. for about four hours to a class of 60 students without getting tired or fatigued. Today I also take private tuitions for 12th standard for accountancy. All these made me financially independent and more confident. I am happy now and the negativity in me started disappearing. I became positive towards life & started feeling worthwhile and happy. I am also planning to complete my CA [chartered accountancy] degree.

I remember that my son had a field trip from school. We were going for a boat ride from Gateway of India. It was a mother child trip. That day when we got in the boat, it was near the port and I got in easily. I also climbed the narrow ladder and went on the deck by myself. But while we came back, there were 3 boats already standing and our boat was parked next to them. That means I had to pass through 4 boats to get to the shore. Each boat was moving and to jump from one boat to the other was quite a difficult task even for a normal person. My husband was waiting for me and he came to my assistance. With his help, I very quickly & easily jumped across the boats & reached the shore. I was so proud of myself & so grateful to Dr. Rajul Vasa.

Initially I used to feel very dizzy & restless, but now I am more focused and also multitasking. I am able to concentrate better & do many things simultaneously & efficiently as I used to do before I fell ill. There was a lot of swelling on my face & body before I started with the VASA Concept. And there is now no swelling & I look younger & nice.

I was a very extrovert person, loved to make friends and meet people and enjoy life to the fullest, but due to my stroke, I had changed and become very shy, didn’t want to interact with anyone and constantly fighting with myself with the question WHY ME, but now I am a very different person, better than what I was before my stroke, very strong and ready to accept any challenge and fight it without any fear. My friends also enjoy a lot with me now. They say that I have changed and am my old self now. They miss me if I don’t go out with them and want me to accompany them in all our plans for parties, dinners, movies. Even I enjoy it to the fullest as I am much better now and have improved physically and emotionally, all thanks to Dr. Vasa. Now I cannot even imagine what a disaster my life would have been without her guidance and support. God bless you Dr Vasa.

VASA Concept is in reality a paradigm shift to the contemporary ways with which I was made to exercise. All other techniques almost maintain the stroke patient as a patient for the life and we gradually deteriorate with passage of time in terms of stiffness tightness, emotional drainage, financial strains, loss of self confidence and self image crisis etc whereas VASA Concept brings new dawn in the life of the stroke patient, and sky is the limit for us if we put in our efforts.

Indeed Dr. Rajul Vasa is a blessing for not just me but all the patients. Dr. Vasa has transformed me and my life into what I had always wanted to be. Now there is no looking back.

My husband and my parents are very happy to see me getting well both physically & emotionally. The complete recovery is indeed a long battle but I am sure that I will win this with guidance, care and help from Dr. Rajul Vasa.

As I have experienced and understood by surfing on the net that in general stroke patients are left to find their own way out of their disability-in the care of their families, custodial or chronic institutions, without any serious attempt at rehabilitation  I will be very happy to help anyone who has suffered a stroke.

I have gone through so many problems before getting the real treatment. I wish brain stroke patients find Dr. Rajul Vasa quickly and do not undergo the misery most have to. I will be privileged to help anyone suffering from the same with my experience. My number is 00-91-9821665477 (Mumbai- India).

I feel my sincere heartfelt gratitude for you Dr. Rajul Vasa.

- Naheed Ansari.

Naheed Ansari
Jun 2011:

I have been a student of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I had left my course incomplete after I got married. And after my stroke I never thought of completing it as I was unable to read, write or focus properly. However after been treated by Dr. Vasa, I have re appeared my Final C.A. examination in May 2011, I have studied for more than 10 hours every day for two months at a stretch, without feeling fatigued or having any imbalance. I can’t thank Dr. Vasa enough for it was her confidence in me that has given me the confidence, desire and enabled me to appear for such an examination. I was able to perform well and also complete my paper on time. Thanks a lot Madam, wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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