“I would like to begin this letter by sincerely thanking you for everything you did and more. You have been by my side through my worse phase and have guided and helped me through my illness.

The day you met me I had suffered a paralytic attack. This was my third attack. I was completely bed ridden and could not even talk; also I had no urine control.

You gave me confidence and your physiotherapy program gave me a new lease of life.


You made me do the exercises which I had to work on till the next time you visited me. One thing that was so effective was that I had to do the exercise instead of the normal trend where people came and moved my legs and hands wherein I was a dummy. In my experience as opposed to the previous two attacks, your treatment was refreshingly different and effective.

The fact that I was making the movement happen though slow at first gave me confidence that I could improve. As stated by you that the treatment will give slow results but an improvement on daily bases was important. No drastic miracles were promised. True to your word under your guidance and treatment I improved daily and over a couple of months I was nearly back to normal.

I could walk on my own, my speech was back and I was able to control my urine and do all the other basic and complex works of my life and I could go back to Worli Sea Face for long walk made me overjoyed.

Without your help I would have suffered the life of a vegetable. I am grateful for you today and forever.”



“I want to personally thank you for the help and guidance you gave my husband (your patient, Mr.Devidas Thacker) and me in our time of need.

My husband after his third paralytic attack was in a bad state; He was bed ridden and could not even control his urine, eat food or perform any functions.

Your physiotherapy treatment was fantastic. First you taught my husband and then me the exercises and you even encouraged me to supervise over my husband when he was performing the exercises. Thus in your absence I could actually help him with his exercises.

You gave him a daily program and explained it to me in such great details that I could monitor his exercises and help him on day to day bases.

You were very diligent and did not miss a single session and even insisted that I be strict with my husband in doing the exercises only then he would improve. Over the months he improved and today he is as though nothing was ever wrong. He goes out alone, can eat, walk and perform all the activities just like a normal man.

Your new technique, skill and diligence gave my husband and me a new life. We will always be grateful to you”

MRS SUSHILA THACKER (Mumbai, India) Residence: +91 22 23511464