August 2004 at the age of 27, I had a brain bleed on the right side of my brain; it left me completely paralyzed on my left side. The time that has passed between then and now, has been spent searching for a way back to full recovery, there has not been a moment that I have not believed that I would someday find the path back, but it has not been without struggle. I have tried countless methods, systems, machines, meditations, affirmations, read books, been to seminars, to mystic healers, doctors, neurologists, physiotherapist, just about everyone you can think of, none of which had any true confidence, true belief in what they offered, no true belief that 100% recovery was certain. Yes some of these methods helped, a little, but none, not one, could stand up and look you in the face and say “ You can recover 100%, and I will show you how” no one that is until I found Dr. Rajul Vasa. She, she is the only one who showed the path towards the recovery, by sitting on the other side of the globe, as I am in Australia and she in India, and teaching me to use my own brain as my own tool to repair and recover my paralyzed body to my own expectations by working on my own body actively and not relying on outside help except the guidance from Dr Vasa how to go about it and I do it myself to help myself. Dr Vasa backs up those words “You can recover to your expectation if you work hard and intelligently towards it, I will show you how” those words I had been searching for, for 6 years, with proof, with solid results, not with promises, but with results, you feel those results, you see them, you become them as you work on your own body and one day, you just are them. Working with Dr Vasa, within only 3 weeks, doing the exercises she prescribed me, I felt the life come back to my body, to the parts of my affected side after 6 long years, I had forgotten what feeling those muscles working was like, I was overjoyed, I knew in my heart, I had found what I and so many others all over the world are searching for, the question had been answered, and the way had been shown. Now it is up to me to follow that path, do the work, and as I do the work, I am feeling once more the person I used to be coming back, the things I only dreamed of doing again, I am doing now. My mind and heart are lifted, and every day I continue to see and feel and be the results of Dr Rajul Vasa’s lifelong dedication to those people in the world who are suffering with the after affects of stroke and in my case brain bleed. Dr Vasa has poured her heart and soul into this work and you feel it each step you take down the path to 100% recovery. Her method is brilliantly simple, First thing she wanted me to do is to treat my body as one whole entirely integrated unit and not as separate parts like, foot, ankle, wrist hand etc. this is amazing, why therapists and doctors do not think like that here in Australia! I must confess one thing that what Dr Vasa says sounds simple, but is not so simple to implement in action it demands hard work, solid hard work, you cannot get around it, and you must do the work, and put your trust in her guidance. If you give it all you have, stay focused, dedicated to yourself, you will achieve your expectations of 100% full recovery, but you MUST do the hard work.

In my personal experience, the thing that I have found lacking in the contemporary rehabilitation that is currently being offered here in Australia is confidence, confidence in the treatment. This is a very disheartening thing, to turn to people whose job is to heal and help you to recover something that is lost, and you can clearly see, they have no hope for your complete recovery at all, it’s written all over their faces, they basically say to you, without actually saying it to your face, that you will never fully recover, and you will never lead a life to full capacity again. The knowledge they rattle off to you, feels very generic, all from a text book written by someone long ago who also never had the confidence that their knowledge or the tools and technique they offered would completely do the job at hand. I have tried so many things, so many techniques, none of them have the confidence, and none of them have offered such a simple yet effective and complete method as Dr Rajul Vasa, the Vasa Method. There is not real intelligence behind any of the methods contemporary rehabilitation offer someone who has experienced stroke I would like to see Dr Vasa’s methods put into place as the new cornerstone for stroke rehabilitation.  I believe the focus of contemporary stroke rehabilitation is wrong, take for instance the first thing my physiotherapist got me to do, lie on a table and try to lift my affected leg with will power, my leg would not move. Then he got me to try and balance myself on a stationary exercise bike, my good leg would push the pedal and my weak leg would just hang. I was constantly been made to use my will power to make my affected side work, it would not move. I did not understand why I was being made to use will power, and was not being given helpful exercises to restore my weaker side. I was constantly being told to help my weaker side by using my stronger side, this did not work, it only makes the weak weaker and the strong stronger as it over compensates for the weaker, there is no intelligence in this; it is out right ridiculous in my opinion. Complete recovery cannot be achieved when everything is misaligned, when there is no balance, contemporary stroke rehabilitation makes no sense, I mean a body builder would not only train one side of his body, only work on one of his biceps, his whole body would be out of balance, and this is how I look at it in a simple way. Here in Australia therapists give walking training and ask to correct gait through verbal command. I wonder I never had to think about walking before I got stroke and now I am told to think and correct an act which I took so much for granted as it was all so automatic then, and now every step I take I have fear, I am walking slow and I get tired and I am least automatic, I am thinking to walk safely!!!!!  I wonder why therapists here do not think like Dr Vasa who does not want me to correct the visible symptoms like hip hiking, foot drop, knee recurvatum, leg circumduction, through conscious command during walking! She wants that I should prepare my body to unleash from within the change that I am looking for to walk like before I got stroke without thinking simply automatically.

Dr Vasa says  “solution lies within you” your brain, your  brain is a powerful tool, and though it has been damaged, it can restore its self, and restore your body, it is the only tool you need to recover, but you must know how to use this tool, Dr  Vasa can show you how. Other methods will only make your weak side weaker and your strong side stronger, I say again,  there is no intelligence in any method that offers this sort of treatment, there is no balance, if there is no balance, then it makes sense that 100% recovery, cannot and I go as far as saying, will not be achieved ever. The Vasa Concept and Method offers balance, and leads to results, and a little further down the path, 100% full recovery, I would like to say, I continue to repeat the words 100% recovery, because that is what I want, and I know if you are reading this, that is also what you want too. Read through all the information, everything on this website, read every word, compare these words with the words and the things you have previously read or been told, look inside your heart, and you will see, the Vasa Method will work for you, it is working for me right now, and soon, it will be working for you too. Because the only kind of understanding on stroke that is offered by most if not all rehab doctors, neurologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists is always the same.  You are always given the same speech “We will try to help you IF we can, but you must realize you may never lead a normal life again, you should expect to only achieve minimal recovery” This at least has been my experience. The only real understanding they offer you in the end is nothing but more pain and uncertainty. Because of this, I perceive that all stroke victims from decades earlier to the ones now land up having similar fate though world in 21st century and science and technology has advanced. Stroke rehabilitation science is still in its primitive state of science developed in last century and therefore so called neuro experts to hide and cover up their failure of not being able to develop new ideas with paradigm shift or a whole new radical thinking instep with man going on moon and man advancing in all other areas of science are now borrowing knowledge developed by engineering minds by promoting bioengineering technology, virtual reality, robotic training, and strong drugs developed by pharma companies more for their profits and least for patient benefits. Stroke rehabilitation only offers band aids in place of real treatment or real and lasting solutions, a change must come, and enough is enough. The Vasa Method has been the only method that has worked for me in ways contemporary methods have not. I feel the Vasa Method improving my body AND mind. I believe in Dr Rajul Vasa, because her method is intelligent, it makes sense. Every other method I have found and tried relies on something from outside yourself, it is artificial, it is a band aid, and for that matter a money guzzler, emptying your pockets and offering only uncertainty, I am sick of uncertainty but yet, never stopped searching. I did not give up and I found DR Vasa, she is the answer to your question, “is there a way to 100% full recovery?” YES! And you’ve just found it, congratulations and all the best to you my friend. This is my true and personal testimony. I would like to help other stroke patients around the world with guidance from my own personnel experiences, so please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to know more about my journey using the Vasa Method.  If you would like to phone me, I will be glad to give you my phone number once you have sent an email asking for whatever further information about my personal experience with the Vasa Method.

Melanie Edmonds, Brisbane, Qld, Australia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.