Lalita Batra

It was just another day in the year 2004; at least it felt like another normal day. Until that normal day changed our lives. Here I am today writing this four years after that frightful day when my husband, a tall fit man, thirty nine years old who had no bad habits, the simplest food habits, and a luxurious life, got a severe paralytic stroke, his blood pressure rose like the storming waves of a sea, and that left him lose the ability to speak, and walk, and do everything he normally use to do.


Memories usually fade away with time, but the memory of every little thing that happened to my husband is so fresh like it just happened yesterday. We had umpteen number of doctors for my husband from the very beginning and through trial and error, we tried different neurologists, took opinions of several doctors, because for me my husband’s health was imperative. We did everything that it took, but still days went by months went by, and then slowly three years went by, and in those three years, we had so many doctors for physiotherapy, speech therapy that we slowly lost count. For us it became very hard because every doctor had his or her own set of ideas, and it got us in a very tricky situation, because with so many varied opinions it confused us, and made us lose hope on everything slowly. We consulted doctors abroad; we even went to Coimbatore for two months, because we were told by someone that the massages would cure my husband completely but surprisingly it does the contrary it makes the muscle spastic and tight and that makes the doctor prescribe new drugs to reduce spasticity but again in vain. No drug really can get rid off the spasticity completely but it certainly gives bad side effects. My husband did everything and worked harder than any normal person like you and I could. The hardest part of everything was that we really never got a convincing doctor to guide us and assure us that my husband would be a normal fit man like he was before he got the stroke, and it may be a long road to recovery. But my husband never gave up, a man who was paralyzed on his right side, a man who could not even convey his message properly still went to work every single day, worked hard on himself the rest of the day to become the same man he use to be. After everything we did, and in spite of all the hard work, there was no drastic change in his health, and when you work so hard to achieve something and when you don’t get the result it upsets you. The neurologists whom we think of as our first point of contact are never easily available and if they are, they very casually tell us about the condition and do not inform us about the long recovery as I precisely remember my doctor telling me that in three or four months my husband would be thriving. But to my dismay, even after waiting for the given time we didn’t see much improvement. The doctors did not mention a rigorous therapy that would be required to be done by patients. We were always placed at a junction with confusing moments and had to decide for ourselves what is right for us. The neurologist always wanted us to give them regular visits just to increase or decrease the doses of drugs and life was just revolving around the drugs prescribed. Or many times they would discourage my husband by saying the recovery is not very good and to keep continuing with the exercise. To prevent from getting seizures huge doses of anti seizure drugs would be prescribed which in bargain would slow down the brain and would hamper the ability of performance for a workaholic man like my husband. I felt I must write about these drugs which are so casually prescribed that only makes a hole in your pocket. We were also kept in the illusion of high tech branded machines which were highly priced and were supposed to stimulate the muscles of the s I’ve also always wondered why neurologists do not understand their own limitations, they think their roles are a lot more crucial in curing a stroke victim, they fail to understand that it plays on the patient’s mind when they say that the recovery will take time, and time is the best medicine. We have heard this several times, and then when we would go to the same doctors after a period of time, all they had to say was now it’s too late. Where were they when we were in time? They advised us to focus on the various medicines, but they never really suggested anything that could speed up the rate of recovery. Obviously we’ve understood that they could not do anything once the damage was already done.

We reached a point when we realized that only a miracle could change our lives, and it happened. In a random place, a random person, a complete stranger walked up to my husband, and just started asking him all kinds of questions about his health, and then finally he revealed to us that he himself had got a stroke a few years ago, and now he’s perfectly alright. It was difficult for us to believe that he could speak perfectly, walk normally, and do everything so easily. That was when he suggested Dr. Rajul Vasa, and told us that if anyone could help, it could only be her. With great difficulty we got an appointment with her, and when we did, that was a year ago, ever since then my husband has been much better, he can drive now, he can speak in broken words, and he is much happier and so are we my daughters and myself. For three years my husband struggled to improve on his health, we always wondered why there was no improvement in him, even after investing all our time, energy and money we never accomplished what we deserved for our hard work. We heard for the first time that my husband’s knee was completely abused during walking and climbing stairs. He got severe knee recurvatum as he was loading his knee joint and ligaments that the knee bone made reverse angle of about 25 degrees of over locking in absence of any muscles at all at the knee. The paralysis experienced by the body can only be cured by the same brain, and not by attending to muscles in order to loosen, stretch and strengthen them. This also escorted him to the path of feeling frustrated and aggravated, and he felt a sense of exasperation due to the inability to speak and comprehend things easily. This was all thanks to the anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressive drugs that he consumed. Whereas the Vasa concept requires the patients to do rigorous exercises as it is designed to influence the brain globally. Dr. Vasa does not believe in passive exercise and wants the patient to have a positive attitude.

Now once again my husband stands tall, the blades of his right side shoulder has strengthened which is so visible, his right shoulder does not droop down and has been levelled to a great extent. His right hips extension has improved drastically. All this has increased his confidence since he is back to his striking young and handsome appearance. His face that looked distorted from pull of one side muscles is gone completely and both sides of face look equal and normal, we no longer see drooling of saliva, crunching of the belt area has minimised. Earlier his arm used to get stressed and would pull up abnormally on his chest whereas now his arm is well placed down and does not get tensed with his movements. Unlike now his fingers would earlier curl up. He is also able to stand on his toes, swelling of foot has been reduced tremendously, earlier the toes of his feet or the upper side of the foot would completely turn towards the right side now that has also improvised, he can drive now, he can speak in broken sentences, without doing any speech therapy! This is a big surprise to us that my husband can speak few sentences fluently without thinking and without much efforts, he just speaks and conveys. Earlier we went to speech therapist regularly and they were teaching him to speak like as if he was a child and did not know what fan is and what parrot is etc and that irritated my husband as he an intelligent man with degree of CA knew all those words only could not tell. We stopped speech therapy and now by working on his brain globally with VASA CONCEPT my husband, not only speaks but even cracks a joke, he is much happy now. It gives us a sense of elation when we see him standing with so much more confidence than before; I would say all the credit goes to Dr Vasa. The magic way to improvement according to Dr Vasa would be the patient emphasizing on his brain and training the undamaged side of the brain. Dr Vasa’s scientific principles coupled with dedication, sincerity of the patient and his family can bring one out of the mess pull you out from reverse escalator and put u on the road to recovery. Every effort put in is worth it as the patient achieves miraculous results and patient definitely stops sliding down towards more complications and secondary changes. This is extremely important to understand how with passage of time secondary and tertiary irreversible changes sets in making one a stroke patient for the life time instead of recovering. We are therefore positive and are always working under the Vasa concept with utmost dedication and the results are not only visible by the family but also by the outsiders. As for my husband the visitors who come and visit him in his office after a period of one month also find immense difference or rather improvement in him. He can communicate better with his clients unlike earlier where he would require heaps of note pads to write and express himself. This speaks volume about the concept. My husband’s health is improving by the day and in most cases by four years the patient’s recovery slows down, but he is doing better everyday some day he says a whole new sentence, some day suddenly he starts singing a song. Singing may seem like an easy task, but for him this means a lot since saying even a word earlier was difficult. My husband follows a strict regime of exercises following the Vasa concept; his devotion to these exercises is as much as his devotion to God. Dr. Vasa has shown us which path to take, the path is tough, but my husband is assured that at the end of all the hard work and difficulty he will see light and happiness. It took us a very long time to find the right direction, and now that we did, I want to reach out to everyone I can so that they don’t have a tough time looking for the right treatment to opt for. One stranger came up to us, and changed our lives by suggesting Dr. Vasa; I hope I could be that stranger in your life. Vasa concept has given us a new perspective to life. We are thankful and grateful to you Dr. Vasa. Mrs Lalita Batra (Mumbai, India) Residence: +91 22 26255596 I would like to help other fellow stroke patients with my experiences, mistakes and problems that I have faced all these years. I used to feel very frustrated when doctors and therapists did not understand my problems. I used to feel hopeless and after three years my life has changed, no more speech therapy where I would sit for hours practising my speech with no results but now working on my hand as suggested by Dr Vasa I at once can see the change in my speech and see the confidence in myself. I wasted a lot of time in doing the wrong therapies and struggled to recover for years with very little or no improvement in me. I have got the right doctor who has given me a hope of light. Even after three years I have recovered to a great extent though a long way to go. As I am continuing to make progress I would like to Thank Dr Vasa for the encouragement, right guidance with the “Vasa Concept Mr Kishan Batra ( Mumbai, India)Residence: +91 22 26255596, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I wish to put it as a testimonial on the net for the benefit of many others around the world.


Lalita Batra - Oct 2009

Kishan has improved since the last couple of months perhaps every month he is showing a gradual change and climbing the ladder of progress slowly which is a true sign of being under the right guidance of Dr Rajul Vasa. I would like to mention the changes which I have seen in Kishan since a last couple of months.

Kishan’s major hindrance I would say would be his high blood pressure earlier. As the Blood pressure would be high his temper would sore and that would trouble his behaviour throughout. He could not enjoy himself earlier as blood pressure increased very often unlike now. As I feel by doing exercises everyday that has become a regime is helping his heart to become stronger and the pressure does not trigger easily. I think even the mails sent by Dr Vasa related to stress has helped Kishan to understand things better as stress would only curb his improvement.

Kishan is able to converse better. As earlier he would always struggle with words and every sentence he would have to at least repeat thrice for the other person to understand. Now the speech consistency is constant unlike earlier when he would struggle a lot and yet fail to make us understand. Now he also comes up narrating jokes. He started conversing with relatives better. As speech started getting better his confidence improved majorly. And able to make decisions faster. What surprises me is that all this we did not achieve during those 3 years when Kishan had speech therapy but could not speak and it only reminded him about his communication problems and only helped him to be irritated constantly from frustration and a feeling of helplessness. Under the oasis of VASA CONCEPT despite stopping speech therapy Kishan has improved with his speech, writing of mails, He can draft mails better grammatically and also frame them better and SMS on mobile easily as earlier many a times he would take my help.

In the midst of physiotherapy I got the notion of doing soft oil massage on the arms and legs which would get the recovery faster but it backfired and slowly started making Kishan’s arm stiff and the spasticity of arm increased. Dr Vasa at once judged something wrong was being done. So than actually understood that oil massages are just a NO NO!!!They are all myths.

Earlier Kishan always had swelling of foot but now that has diminished because of various sets of exercises. He is also able to raise his right leg now and can move his foot towards the right and towards the left a bit which he was unable to do before. In fact every Sunday with Dr Vasa and with new set of exercise Kishan can see constant improvement in himself. Earlier he would get tired and feel lethargic doing exercise but now he feels good as his muscles have also become stronger. His hip muscles have also become stronger.

A holiday to Spain this summer has definitely seen a change in Kishan as he was much more relaxed than his previous holidays. The reason again would be the self factor goodness as he is much more confident. He thoroughly enjoyed whether it was with food, drinks, clothes shopping or sightseeing. In fact he devoted very less time to his work. He was more composed and would not throw his anger tantrums like before. So eventually the family also had a memorable holiday I would say Kishan is gradually moving towards normalcy from all the angles and I would sincerely thank Dr Vasa who has given us right guidance.

I am Ridhiema, Kishan is my Dad.

This summer was the first time I was away from my parents, I was in New York for summer school and staying away from my parents for so long was something I’ve never really done. Thank God for phones, I was in touch with them all the time. I vividly remember the phone conversations I had with my dad, they were very funny, sweet and they made me remember times when I was younger and papa would talk to me over the phone.  Everyday papa would speak to me very fluently unlike earlier he is now able to convey everything he wants at ease. At times those phone conversations were very funny coz he would sing one line of a song, start laughing, and whenever I said “Papa I miss you”, he would say “miss you too beti!”  “beti means daughter in our language”.  I was away from him for a month and a half and in that time I realized quite a few changes in him, he was able to type text messages better, I clearly remember he wanted me to buy him a couple of things, so he typed a list all by himself which even had his shirt size collar size, shoe size everything mentioned in absolute detail- all by himself! There were so many changes in Papa, when my sister also joined me in New York, and Mama and Papa were alone here in Bombay since they did not have both of us for entertainment they would go watch movies and I remember Papa gave me the review of all the movies he went for- he would either say “accha hai, bekaar hai or theek hai!” [it meant it is good, or bad, or OK] Time passed away really fast and it was time for me to meet papa in Spain! When I met him I remember he hugged me really tightly and he was really happy, he looked thinner than before, after speaking to him and telling about all my experiences I realized that he was able to understand and follow everything I was saying in one go, unlike earlier where I had to always repeat everything at least couple of times before he completely understood. In Spain Papa was actually chilled out and I got to see more of his dimpled smile. In all the three places we went to, there was a lot of walking we had to do, for either shopping or sightseeing, Papa did most of it, there were times when he got tired but he never really gave up, he was having a good time.  He was enjoying himself trying on all the clothes, shoes he literally left the shop only when it was closing!  Papa was very stylish throughout the trip, he has actually become more confident of himself, this one night we were out eating dinner and there was a little chill in the air, Papa was in a thin T- shirt so my cousin sister just gave him her shawl, and it was so funny how Papa with such style wrapped it around his neck!  His confidence in himself has increased tremendously, there were many times when Papa would be tired of walking around so he would sit at a café by himself and when we were not there he would ask the waiter himself for Coke or anything to eat. Papa was in complete vacation mood, he loves Coke and he always did ever since he was a kid, but in Bombay he never really drinks it, he loves it so much that he would have Coke at least four times a day when we were in Spain. The very fact that he was not scared to communicate to the waiters who could hardly speak English, he got his Coke on the table without any difficulty! These little things have started adding up and are making his improvement speed up! There was a time when Papa could speak quite a few languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Guajarati and a little Marwari. After he got the stroke he would not be able to speak all, today he speaks a line here and there, Papa also imitates actors, removes these weird voices and he also sings a lot, not only does he know the lyrics of old songs but many new songs as well. I think every day he says a new word, and everyday he is improving not only in the way he walks and talks but also he is gaining confidence day by day. In Spain we had a lot of suitcases, and while travelling by the Euro Rail we had to stroll our bags, papa was adamant on this one small stroller we had and he actually never let anyone of us stroll it, that also increased his confidence. This trip to Spain was really helpful as with all the fun we had it helped Papa in a lot of ways unknowingly. And today that day doesn’t seem far when he will be completely fine because he is improving a great deal. We are very greatful to Dr Vasa for all this achievement.

I am a younger daughter Agrima

In the past few months there has definitely been an improvement in my dad Kishan Batra.  He has been working really hard, and all the hard work has surely paid off… In these past six months there has been a great development in his speech especially. He has been conversing a lot with us, and it is a great pleasure to hear new words from papa’s mouth, almost every day he’ll say something new, and all of us get so excited to see the improvement he is showcasing.  The other day, papa and I were driving back, and I started talking to him in a British accent, and asking him things like, “Sir, would you like to have some tea or coffee?” And he replied in a jiffy saying “tea, please!”… It was so much fun, I did not expect him to respond so fast and that to in the same accent, but he did and it was so surprising! So, I continued speaking to him that way, and then I said, “Sir, what would you like to have for breakfast?” and he replied saying “parathas, and dahi!” [Chapatti and yogurt] And I burst out laughing, because it was hilarious how both of us were conversing in a British accent, and papa did not even pause once to think what to say, nor did he stumble, so it was a really good sign of improvement! Initially, whenever I used to ask papa, “Will you take me for ice-cream?” he would say two or three letter words such as YES or OKAY! But now he has gradually moved on to seven and eight letter words such as OF-COURSE! Even these tiny little things really count as a big improvement! Now, papa even answers the house phone if it rings, earlier he would never answer the house phone, but now he has more confidence and he does, and he says, “Hello, yes…” And if the call is for someone else in the house, he says “one minute” and gives the phone to the person it is for.

This summer vacation has been great, because I actually got time to spend with my daddy, since prior to my holidays I had my board exams therefore I was more with my books then with anyone else… And papa is always in office during the day, so we barely get much time with him. In Spain, we spent each and every day entirely with him. And it was great fun! I’ve been learning Spanish for the past 4 years, and in Spain I was the one communicating with the locals, since their English is not very fluent… I must say that in these past 4 years, papa has never picked any of the basic Spanish words, but this summer when we were in Spain, he would hear me saying “hola” which means hello every time I had to ask for directions or anything! And within a day of being in Spain, he began to say HOLA! It was so funny, because he has never taken interest to learn Spanish from me, but this summer without even teaching him he started saying HOLA himself.

We really did have a great time in Spain! And it makes me ecstatic to state the fact that, regardless of papa having the tag of a “work-o-holic” he didn’t not take much interest in his work as much as he did in his vacation! Well he did have access to his emails, and he often was on his phone, but compare to our previous holidays he worked less!  It was a lot of fun walking around on the streets of Spain, and shopping, and eating together! After this vacation I’m really looking forward to my next vacation with papa!

I’ll reveal papa’s little secret… he is a die-hard fan of coke! He never drinks much in Bombay to keep his healthy image, but whenever on vacation, coke is like water for him! Every time we would sit on the table to eat, we would ask him “papa, do you want wine?” because that’s what he usually drinks when we go out for dinner in Bombay, but he would always say “coke” in Spain, and he would tell the waiter himself! So I think that is also an improvement, because Papa never orders for his meals or drinks himself…

Recently, I have put on some weight due to my board exams, so papa is always telling me to “exercise”! and then when I’m done exercising,  I go tell him, “papa I exercised today!” and then he says, “How long, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, ?” Even though he knows I exercised for one hour, he’ll jokingly and sarcastically say such things! So papa basically has become more jovial now with his words!

So, I can definitely say that there has been a major improvement in his speech with Vasa Concept and no spending money on speech therapy who irritated papa by repeatedly asking to speak animal namsa, birds names and things like that wherein my papa who did not verbalize the animal name but knew in his heart the animal name! He is not a child learning about animals and birds and things like that!


When it concerns his movements there has also been an improvement in that! His walk has improved, though his hand is still a little stiff! But it is better compared to earlier.  We often have short races, walking from one end to the other end of the house. And I must admit my daddy is quite fast! Thank you very much Dr Vasa.

Lalita Batra

21st Feb 2011

Kishan, being a workaholic was an avid traveller. He would travel several kilometers all across the globe for business, however, after he got a stroke, the amount he traveled reduced largely. Yet, with time, hope, and belief in Dr. Vasa, his physical and mental condition has drastically improved. He has once again regained that confidence to fly in the high skies all by himself to attend to his business matters. The physiotherapy he has undertaken for the past few years, and the immense support and guidance of Dr. Vasa has vastly helped my husband improve. Now, it’s not only the domestic business trips that Kishan has resumed, it is also the family vacations that he has revived.

This summer was definitely one of the most memorable and enjoyable ones, for Kishan and my entire family of course. It was the ‘monsoon wedding season’, and both, my nephew and my niece were getting married. Being my niece and nephew’s favourite uncle, or as they lovingly call him their favourite ‘chachu’ inspired and encouraged him to perform at the Sangeets’ of both their weddings. Kishan and I danced to the tunes of Shammi Kapoor’s HINDI song at one of the weddings’ in Goa. The applause we received was truly exhilarating; however, this applause was outshined by the audience screaming ‘once more, once more’! I was too shy to go back on stage and do the performance again, however, Kishan was daring enough, and he pulled me back to do the dance once again. And yes, we set the stage on fire (or at least that’s what we were told) while twisting to the retro beats. This really encouraged Kishan, and we went ahead and performed at the other wedding in America. Something I inferred from both these family vacations was that unlike earlier, Kishan has become a lot more patient and cheerful. He does not get agitated or restless too quickly anymore. In fact, this summer he was the one who would stay up till the wee hours of the night laughing with everyone and making everyone laugh. This was definitely a positive sign.

His communication has majorly improved. Previously, we often had to repeat things more than once while speaking to him, however that has changed now. And Kishan understands and grasps things a lot faster. He has become a lot vocal now, often singing songs before sleeping. He has also become a passionate bathroom singer.  His office staff also now understands him better, thereby increasing the pace of work without any hindrances. Our family and friends have also noted a large amount of improvement in him, especially, in terms of speech. They often compliment him when they meet him.

We are also seeing the change in his walk. His right shoulder dips a lot less, and he walks faster now. He often has walking races with my two daughters. There is a better alignment of the trunk and because of exercises Kishan feels his muscles are getting toned and he now feels stronger and healthier. The scapula of his right shoulder has shaped up so beautifully which is visible now. His upper body was getting stronger thus the flexibility of feet was also getting better. As he was attaining more power in his body or rather I would say as the levels of exercises increased he was achieving a balanced body. As postures like snake pose which was opening his chest and squat was also opening his hip and calf area which had tightened up because of the paralytic stroke and many more exercises like this.

On the whole Kishan is becoming a much more confident person mentally and physically which ultimately is helping him to achieve more and get towards normalcy. We are very thankful to God for sending a fairy angel - Dr Vasa, who is currently moving her magic wand to bring our old Kishan back. Our humble gratitude and love to Dr. Vasa, as without her these achievements would have not been possible.

- Lalita Batra