“I remember the days of my busy schedule as a working woman. I worked as a small saving postal agent. Never did I imagine that destiny would alter my life in such a painful manner. On 20th June 1996, as I was preparing to leave for my office, I realized that I was feeling unstable and was not able to carry on with my daily chores. We called a doctor. After inspection, he diagnosed it as a minor ear problem and gave me an injection for relief. During midnight, I experienced a similar pain. Persistence by my neighbors and family members, I was admitted in the hospital where I was diagnosed with paralysis.This incident caused a lot of pain to my family members. My whole right side was completely paralyzed. I was neither able to sit nor stand on my own. I was dependent on my family members for their support. My fingers were completely numb and I was unable to move my toe. After being treated for a fortnight in the hospital I returned home on a stretcher. All that the doctors said was “No Improvement in hand, Leg will improve”.


On a daily bases I continued with physiotherapy, doctors came home and taught me different exercises. I realized that the doctors used to exercise more than myself. I was not able to do any exercises without the doctor’s help. In addition to this, I also tried acupressure, acupuncture and magnetic treatments. But in vain.

Ten months passed by and my condition remained the same. One day through word of mouth I came to know about Dr.Rajul Vasa. After she examined me she got ready to treat me but with a condition “that I should be ready to put a lot of effort, that’s around 8-10 hours of exercise per day, and should also take the help of my family members for exercises in her absence”.

Dr. Vasa used to take care that the result of the exercises were achieved on a day-to-day bases. Doctor’s minute attention, confidence and patience gave a new stream of life to me. In the beginning it was not possible for me to keep my arm continuously raised for a count of 10 but after a month I could raise my arm for a count of 100.

Doctor’s exercises coupled with my daughter’s hard effort and co-operation gave me a result of 60% improvement in my leg and 40% in my hand.

Soon I was left on my own to do the exercises but somehow I lost interest and started looking for easier ways of recovery. My husband became concern since I was no longer improving and therefore we went to various places for treatment. At one place I had to undergo the pain of taking seven injections in the neck, which was futile. I also went to a scared place for hot water bath which was a misbelieve. After that went for acupuncture and later also went for the famous oil massage at Kerala. But all in vain.

It then struck me that when I was under the treatment of Dr.Vasa; I used to actively participate in the exercises, which caused movement in my body. Six years had gone by and important period of recovery was lost. Although I had started walking my movement were very restricted thereby my husband insisted that I should restart with my exercise. We approached Dr.Vasa once again. I remember Dr.Vasa saying, “It is your body and your brain which can make everything possible”. It was Dr.Vasa’s positive attitude, which helped me regain my confidence and restart my therapy with her.

Dr.Vasa demonstrated difficult exercises. In the beginning it was impossible for me to do those but doctor’s commitment, co-operation and patience made it possible for me to do those exercises. Also not to forget the efforts of my daughter, Pragati and my two maids.

I continued with those exercise for a month. Now there is 80% improvement in my leg, my spastic fingers, which could not open, are now able to open and are more relaxed. Today I can cook, take a bath on my own and do my daily activities.

I could never imagine from where the doctor could discover all those wonderful and magical exercises. It is also a fact that the doctor first tries it on herself and then advises them to her patients.

All thanks to Dr.Vasa and her exercises. All I can end with is… “MY DOCTOR IS GOD TO ME”

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