Date: 9th Aug 2011

Hello Dr. Vasa we hope this will help somebody, kindly put it on your website.

My name is George Royal and my wife Iliana had a Pontine hemhorrage on the 4th December 2009 aged 43, we were in the hospital within 20 minutes of the accident happening, my wife never lost her mental capacities thank god but she is affected greatly by loss of balance, in the early days she lost her ability to swallow also but this came back with time.

My wife is now, 18 months later still affected greatly by loss of balance and a pins and needles sensation down her right hand side and she also has constant double vision, she has had these conditions since the first day and despite intensive physiotherapy by the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire , Ireland there wa no improvement that we could see, after 3 months we decided to come home as we felt it was better to be at home with nothing happening than stuck in a hospital with nothing happening no matter how well meaning they were .

Western methods had failed us but we were determined to find a way because we believed that there had to be somebody out there who could help us.

After lots of internet research and internet disappointments we tried lots of alternative “cures” from stilknox tablets that had cured a man in South Africa to stem cell treatment in Germany to magic bracelets in America.. we finally found Dr. Rajul Vasa and her Vasa Concept .

We finally found somebody who thought like us only in a far more intelligent way, we were convinced that with the right methods the brain can recover, Dr. Vasa has been assisting us for the last 6 weeks and during that time my wife has noticed an increased sensation down her right side mostly in the foot, she can also now turn in the bed without having to hold on to something to turn herself over, she is much stronger in her standing now and while her balance has not returned, her steadiness is much better when standing, we are convinced that these improvements are due to Dr. Vasa and our only regret is wasting 18 months with the Doctors here who in our opinion appear to be resigned to the fact that if you have a stroke/hemhorrage that you better get used to it as they do not have a tablet that can cure you

God Bless Dr. Vasa

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