“After my stroke I had gone into acute depression because I could not move my right side of the body. I had lost my speech too. I had given up on life. Initially during my stroke even to getup from my bed needed help. I needed help to walk, sit up, for my toilet habits, even for my bath. After being treated by Dr.Rajul, today I am leading a near normal life. Despite my limitations I am a very confident person. She has taught me how not be to dependant on others for my needs. I am totally self reliant today.


Being treated by Dr.Rajul is a very unique experience. First she makes you aware of the problem, which in turn makes you totally responsible for the treatment. Not only myself she made my whole family responsible and committed. I started working very hard with her help and started getting results. The more results I got the harder I worked.

Her approach to my treatment was very dynamic I wish I had met Dr. Rajul immediately after my stroke instead of 10 months that got wasted and got me depressed & severely spastic in my fingers & wrist & in elbow & shoulder & in foot. Dr. Rajul set small goals for me to be achieved. She made me self reliant for my improvement and helped me to live my life very normally.

MISS DIPTI A BHATIA (Mumbai, India) Residence: +91 22 28052913 / 28622545, Mobile: +91 9820595001.


“To express our thanks and gratitude in a letter is very difficult, especially for a person who has single handedly changed the course of Dipti’s life for the better.

When Dr.Rajul Vasa came to treat Dipti at first she was depressed and lifeless for 10 months. Dr.Vasa came daily for her treatment. She first worked on her trunk muscles and then on her limb movements.

After a very short period the results started pouring in. Dipti was very inspired by Dr.Rajul and followed her exercises vigorously and had tremendous improvement

Lots of hard work was put in by Dr.Rajul Vasa. She became Dipti’s idol. Dipti improved physically and also grew confident.

The whole family is extremely grateful and very much appreciates the treatment and the way Dr.Rajul handled Dipti. Today barring a few things there is nothing that Dipti cannot do by herself. She is proud of it and so are we!!

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank Dr.Rajul Vasa not only for being Dipti’s doctor and treating her but also for being a part of our lives as well”