Dear Rajul

My father Geoff had a very serious stroke 3 years ago. He is currently in a wheel chair, can walk a few steps with a stick and has little use of his left arm and has a spastic left hand. He continues to have physiotherapy treatment but to no avail. His physiotherapy to date has been of a passive nature and has not challenged Geoff to make independent recovery.

I have become very interested in hypnotherapy and NLP and will shortly be retraining in these areas after 20 years as a Chartered Accountant.

My feeling has been that the power of the brain is the only way to gain mastery of the body again and found your website this morning whilst searching for information to support this feeling.

Is there anyone in England who is practising your VASA concept. We live close to London.

Thank you very much


Hi Rajul

It is fantastic to be in a position to be able to make such a contribution in a lifetime.

The great gift will be to show that stroke sufferers can be helped significantly - from the knowledge that I have gained during my father's illness, the medical profession in the UK quickly write-off any prospect of recovery in the majority of cases, their main being to make people comfortable but without providing any hope of useful recovery. To put the power of recovery into the hands of stroke sufferers and their families would be wonderful - the medical profession would have to take notice and provide more resources. Additionally there would be significant employment for additional helpers.

Thanks - the beauty of your concept is that it hands back control of the recovery process to the patient and carer. I believe that we should be in control, as far as possible, of our bodies and our physical and mental health. We can't afford to leave it in the hands of doctors and drug companies, because this leads to loss of our innate powers and of personal responsibility and motivation. Unfortunately the lack of responsibility for ourselves is endemic in the UK with millions eating bad food, smoking and taking little exercise. It follows that heart disease, cancer and stroke are the biggest killers. Only comparatively recently have public authorities begun to warn of the dangers, mainly driven by the unsustainable cost to the National Health Service and the taxpayer. It follows also that the level of care offered to the aged and the poor is inadequate and stroke victims like my father are given drugs and anti-depressants rather than a program for recovery.

I have already seen the change in my parents from handing them the power to achieve recovery through your guidance. They are much happier, my father has much more life about him and my mother is much more positive. I read your words to them and they fill them with hope and motivation. It means a lot to me to be able to help them in this way.

I am so pleased that I found your website as it has breathed new life into our fight for my father's recovery which was looking impossible before.

We are all hoping that my father will make a significant recovery and we would be very pleased to be in a position demonstrate the success of your methods and to encourage others to follow. It will be something like a miracle as for 3 years he has been told not to expect any significant improvement.

I wish you every success possible and sincerely hope that we can provide evidence to others for the effectiveness of your methods.

Kind regards