Dr. Vasa,

My mother-in-law has recently (August 22, 2006) suffered a pretty serious stroke.  She is 75 years old. It is not the first one she has suffered.  From prior strokes, she had lost feeling in the left side of her body and although she could use it, it was not normal use.  Unfortunately, after recovering from a mastectomy she suffered another more serious stroke.  This one has left her with little control of any part of her body.  She has lost the power of speech and cannot really even communicate in any other meaningful way on a consistent basis (can’t control her blinking or head nodding).  Prior to this stroke, her “good side” was her right side.  However, now she has completely lost the use of that side and barely can use her left side at all, but the family has already taken to calling that her “good side” now.

I have read some good things about your program on the internet and would be interested in getting her stared on your program, but am unsure what to do to get her started.  She has shown very small signs of improvement with my wife (her daughter) and her sister.  However, when other doctors or therapists or “strangers” come into the room to ask her to do the same things, she clams up and will not even try to respond.

I will continue to review your website for further guidance and hopefully answer some additional questions, but I would appreciate an e-mail response from you as soon as you get the opportunity.  Are there any other questions you need answered before we can make the determination if she will benefit from your treatment program?  If so, please let me know what they are and I will try to provide you with that information.  Thank you for your time.

S. J. B.
CollinCounty, Texas