Hi Rajul,

I was just wanting to touch base about my Dad's stroke, it happen about 4 months ago, it was massive affecting the entire left side of his brain.  He could not swallow,speak and total right side paralysis.  He has other health problems; diabetic, irregular heartbeat etc.  They, in no uncertain terms told us he would not live when it first happened.  He is 60 years old. He can now swallow, eats anything he wants.  He speaks a few words mainly cuss words, other than that not much on speech.  He still can't move his right arm, he can move his right leg some, we do exercises with a slide board and he is getting stronger with pushing his leg down and pulling it in, not so much with pulling the leg back up or pushing it out.  He is at home now PT comes in 2 to 3 times a week.  I however do these simple exercises with him everyday.  He fusses sometimes but is pretty good about helping, he tires very easily.  I am hopeful that he will someday walk again, he will kick his foot out to walk with a cane like thing and with the PT, however he seems scared of the leg, as if he doesn't trust that it will hold him.  I just wonder if I am doing the right thing in exercising him, I also get him to stand at the kitchen sink, shifting back and forth to get him to place some weight on that leg.  As far as his arm, it is almost 3 fingers out of socket and seem very,very painful.  Anytime I touch his arm to exercise it or just to straighten his fingers out he yells out in pain.  He doesn't ever complain with pain with his leg.  He doesn't seem to be sensitive to touch, hot or cold.  I am just looking for any advise that you could give me.  He is so precious, before he was kind of rough & tuff in personality, but now I see a innocence about him that is almost childlike.  He seems to understand everything you say and what goes on around him, just can't speak.  He loved to play cards, so we still do that and I am amazed at how he doesn't miss a beat when it comes to this.  I still can't seem to beat him and he loves it.  The other part of this that is so hard is the emotion, he cries now and I am having a hard time dealing with that.  I can take him shouting his cuss words when he's mad at me, but the crying..... that's a different story.  I guess it's even harder because he can't tell me what is wrong.   Before this I can remember seeing him cry only 2 times.  It is very hard.  In closing I thought we had lived through some hard times, he was beaten by his father whom also sexually abused several of his granddaughters me being one of them.  My Daddy has always been special to me because he was my protector, now I feel I have to protect him. To date this is hands down the hardest thing I've ever had to go through.  Please help me.