Hello Dr. Vasa,

My name is L. McW, I live in the United States and found your web site while searching for therapies for my wife of 42 years Carole who had a massive ischemic right brain stroke on May 9th 2008. As a result she has paralysis in her left arm and left leg with spasticity especially of the left arm and left hand.  She has been through two rehab centers and is showing slow improvement but the progress is painfully slow.  She is walking with the aid of a "hemiwalker" and assistance from me.  Her fingers are very stiff but she is able to muster a small amount of movement in them too.

I was wondering if you had a program via email that I can administer to my wife?  She is the love of my life and it almost kills me to see her with this disability.  Your program sounds very encouraging and I do hope and pray that you have a program via email that would work for her.

Hopeful Regards

L. McW