I have been reading with interest about your approach to rehabilitation of stroke patients.

My husband who at the age of 61 was a fit and active man, had a massive intracerebralhaemorrhage last November 2008.  After which he had other life threatening illnesses, septacemia, DVT and pneumonia.  He finally came home in February this year.  I was told he would gain no improvement in his mobility and speech.  They told me he would never walk or move his right arm as it was dense hemiplegia.  We have worked hard with Peter and he is now able to move his right leg.  There is no movement with the arm/hand, but he now has sensation.  I have been told he has dyspraxia, dysarthria and dysphasia.  We work very hard daily with exercises, but after reading your website I am now worried we may be doing more harm than good as he has been receiving Bobath treatment and electrical stimulation with the muscles.

I would very much like to learn more about your exercises/methods as I am now reluctant to carry on with the exercises given me by physios if I am helping him learn bad habits.  My goal in life is to help Peter reach is optimum recovery so that we can enjoy our retirement years, after many years of hard work.

Will you please let me know how I go about getting Peter involved in your treatment.

Many thanks