Pekka Hyysalo - a professional free skier

In April 2010 I, Pekka Hyysalo was a professional free skier and last year graduate at Kuusamo Alpine

College. I was ranked 11th in the AFP ranking (Association of Free skiing Professionals, Big Air), when one jump changed my life. On 28.04.2010, while I was skiing the last trick in the end of a filming session at Ylläs. A blast of wind made me to overshoot the landing. I over rotated the trick, landed sideways, and all of a sudden, I was fighting for my life instead of AFP rankings. That wasn’t the end though. It was a turning point. I started the FightBack of my own.

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My Son Shantanu - A Brain Stroke Victim

DOB OCTOBER 21, 1987.

It was April 28, 2011 &about half past nine in the evening when I got call on my mobileas usualfrom Shantanu, my son.He was staying in hostel in Greater Noida&had joined one real estate company in Noida as an executive trainee on April 18, 2011 after completing his masters in business administration (Retail) from IILM.The information which he gave me was absolutely unusual. Hesaid,‘today he came out from his office at 4.0 pm for some work & while crossing the road felt numbness in his right foot, could not balance & fall down on the road.He tried to call for help but speech was blurred.Within few minuteshe regain his senses, got up & came back to the office.Thenalong with one of his colleague he went to see a nearby doctor who suggested him some test.He came out from doctor’s clinic about 7.0 pm & it was too late to carry out the tests & he was suppose to drive back to the hostel, about 50 km away. So he decided to  carry out these tests tomorrow’.He was telling me &I was feeling his voice was quite low with tremor in his speech. I was almost dumb for few seconds& feeling shiver in my spine. He continued, ‘it has happened to me last week also, while driving the car &now he has taken 2 days leave from office to get it checked at Meerut’. Iinterrupted & said, ‘I would come right now’. But he insisted,‘he is feeling tired & want to sleep, so no need to  arrive in midnight as it would take at least 3 hrs from Meerut to Greater Noida by car,better to reach early morning tomorrow’. With some hesitation I agreed & asked him  to give my mobile number to his classmate, who was staying with him in the same room, to convey me about any abnormality in the night.Whole night I was restless & half asleep.

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Naheed Ansari (F) , Mumbai, India

DOB: 05 -11-1977

Updated on 9th Aug 2011

Oct 2010: It was 16 Aug 2005, and probably my last appointment with my Gynacacologist before I delivered my Baby. Everything seemed normal with my BP at 120/80 and my Gynac gave me thumbs up. I came home very excited and eagerly waiting for my child.

I got up next day morning and felt very dizzy. I thought it was morning sickness which I had been experiencing during my entire pregnancy and went to the toilet. I felt very uneasy and so lied down again.

After a while I tried getting up, sat on the bed and tried to put my foot on the floor, but was unable to do so. My left foot was swinging uncontrollably in the air. I was very scared, didn’t know what happened. I lied down again and woke up my husband.

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George & Iliana - Ireland

Date: 9th Aug 2011

Hello Dr. Vasa we hope this will help somebody, kindly put it on your website.

My name is George Royal and my wife Iliana had a Pontine hemhorrage on the 4th December 2009 aged 43, we were in the hospital within 20 minutes of the accident happening, my wife never lost her mental capacities thank god but she is affected greatly by loss of balance, in the early days she lost her ability to swallow also but this came back with time.

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Larry McWhorter Vasa Concept works where other therapy has fallen very short

Updated on 8th Dec 2011

Hello Dr. Vasa,

Carole has been making steady progress with her stepping not using an AFO on her affected leg.  This progress has been at home and not in some "conventional" rehab center.  She was told by the "conventional" rehab center staff that they could do no more for her.

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Melanie Edmonds - using my own brain as tool to repair and recover from stroke

August 2004 at the age of 27, I had a brain bleed on the right side of my brain; it left me completely paralyzed on my left side. The time that has passed between then and now, has been spent searching for a way back to full recovery, there has not been a moment that I have not believed that I would someday find the path back, but it has not been without struggle.

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Vicki’s Story

On August 16, 1997, at the age of 38, I had a stroke.  My right side was paralyzed, I had trouble speaking and I was very confused.  It was scary – I live alone and I didn’t know when someone would find me and I was unable to call for help. Thank God my Mother called me, realized that something was wrong, and had the police and ambulance dispatched to my home.  I was in the hospital for a week.  At first my prognosis was not so good but I worked very hard on getting use of my right side back.  When I was released from the hospital I was doing well enough to be sent home instead of being released to a rehabilitation facility.  I was under my doctor’s care for 6 months after being released from the hospital because I was on blood thinners.

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Kishan Batra - It was just another day

Lalita Batra

It was just another day in the year 2004; at least it felt like another normal day. Until that normal day changed our lives. Here I am today writing this four years after that frightful day when my husband, a tall fit man, thirty nine years old who had no bad habits, the simplest food habits, and a luxurious life, got a severe paralytic stroke, his blood pressure rose like the storming waves of a sea, and that left him lose the ability to speak, and walk, and do everything he normally use to do.

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That awful day

That awful day, when I got stroke I lost sense in the right side of my body and could not speak.

The next few days amongst the turmoil my sister in law who herself is Physiotherapist suggested name of Dr. Rajul Vasa to my wife and family as already top Neurologist and regular conventional Physiotherapist could not give any convincing answer for my recovery.On about 6th day after the stroke Dr Vasa visited me that time i was told since i was heavily drugged i could hardly register what she was saying but she was the only Doctor who after going through my MRI could convince my wife and family that i would be able to walk and talk too if not sooner than later!

The Miracle lady Dr. Vasa!

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Mr Devidas Thacker - this was my third attack


“I would like to begin this letter by sincerely thanking you for everything you did and more. You have been by my side through my worse phase and have guided and helped me through my illness.

The day you met me I had suffered a paralytic attack. This was my third attack. I was completely bed ridden and could not even talk; also I had no urine control.

You gave me confidence and your physiotherapy program gave me a new lease of life.

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Dipti Bhatia - recovery and rehabilitation from brain stroke with Vasa Concept


“After my stroke I had gone into acute depression because I could not move my right side of the body. I had lost my speech too. I had given up on life. Initially during my stroke even to getup from my bed needed help. I needed help to walk, sit up, for my toilet habits, even for my bath. After being treated by Dr.Rajul, today I am leading a near normal life. Despite my limitations I am a very confident person. She has taught me how not be to dependant on others for my needs. I am totally self reliant today.

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Gunvanti Gala - recovery and rehabilitation from brain stroke with Vasa Concept


“I remember the days of my busy schedule as a working woman. I worked as a small saving postal agent. Never did I imagine that destiny would alter my life in such a painful manner. On 20th June 1996, as I was preparing to leave for my office, I realized that I was feeling unstable and was not able to carry on with my daily chores. We called a doctor. After inspection, he diagnosed it as a minor ear problem and gave me an injection for relief. During midnight, I experienced a similar pain. Persistence by my neighbors and family members, I was admitted in the hospital where I was diagnosed with paralysis.This incident caused a lot of pain to my family members. My whole right side was completely paralyzed. I was neither able to sit nor stand on my own. I was dependent on my family members for their support. My fingers were completely numb and I was unable to move my toe. After being treated for a fortnight in the hospital I returned home on a stretcher. All that the doctors said was “No Improvement in hand, Leg will improve”.

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