Stroke patients all over the world continue to struggle for complete recovery. Time of their life gets wasted when contemporary treatment is palliative and training given to them is to learn to compensate for the loss andwaitfor recovery of affected side saying recovery takes time. After waiting for months, patients are told recovery has plateaued and they have to learn to compromise with loss. Patient dilemma is they are told ‘recovery takes time’ in acute state post stroke and in chronic state they hear it is too late, recovery after six months is difficult and after one year more difficult and plasticity of brain may help them to recover in chronic state but how and with what is not known to them. Struggle of the patients and their family seeing deteriorating life of their dear ones is evident from posts received from all over the world. Some of them are given below.

Note: We've either removed or abbreviated names of the patients to protect their privacy

Letter 5 - Please Help

My name is R.S. and I suffered a right brain stroke in June 2008 due to a blood clot, leaving me paralyzed on my left side.  I was 54 at the time.  I have been taught how to walk with the use of an AFO (ankle foot orthotics), but have no use of my left arm... it just hangs from the shoulder.

I have reviewed your website and I'm impressed with your testimonials and overall approach to rehabilitation, even though I don't necessarily understand the downloaded 'thesis'.  I'm inquiring as to whether you can help restore the physical function of my left arm and hand.  I have also been diagnosed as having lost initiation, ie: I typically do not attempt new things unless I can first visualize myself successfully accomplishing it.  A year ago, I started to chatter my teeth on the left side, and it continues to frustrate me since no one in the medical profession knows if it's stroke-related.

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Letter 4 - Questions

I had a severe brain hemorrhage at age 25.  I;m 30 now & still improving.  I haven't used an ankle brace or cane since the 1st year so I walk totally unassisted but I can't yet run, wear heels, rotate my ankle or consistently walk with a heel strike.  Also my arm only functions very minimally.  I have little active wrist & finger extension.  I long to reach my arm out or raise it over my head without my elbow bending inward.  My spasticity is restricting all of this,

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Letter 3

On August 1, 2006, at the age of 50, I had a stroke.My left side was paralyzed. I was very confused.

After 2 years  I found  my biggest problem was called spasticity.I tried to physical therapy( stretching and lengthening out my shortened muscles). I stretched and stretched but my toes kept curling. I tried acupuncture,laser,electrical stimulation and Chinese herbs.Doctors prescribe baclafen,tezadene,zanaflex,gabapentin and I tryedbotox, but nothing help...I was walking 2 miles a day, exercising, and lifting light weights but all going worse and worse...becouse after baclofen spasticity going stronger and stronger so fast...

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Letter 2

I have tried every muscle relaxant on the market, nothing works. I have asked to be evaluated for Botox injections and I was told not to expext any help from Botox. The distinct feeling that I get from health professionals is to simply accept the condition as permanent and not hope for any motor function recovery. My stroke also afflicted me with epilepsy and it is simply to dangerous to perform unsupervised physical theraphy with that neurological condition, I had a mild seizure on June 13 after nearly 18 months of normality. In any case I have a very serious drop foot problem where I must drag my lower limb by raising my hip in a completely unnatural manner.When health specialists demonstrate such pessimistic attitudes how can a stroke survivor demonstrate optimism.

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Letter 1 - My wife - brain aneursym

Hi Dr. Rajul,

I came across your website whilst searching for help for my wife after she suffered a brain aneurysm rupture on October 5th 2009.

My wife, Michele Campion, suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm on Oct 5th 2009. Came out of nowhere. It was as good as 99% over. I begged the surgeons to do the clipping operation, even though I was told she would be paralysed and suffer from brain damage. We just moved to Norway a few months earlier (both English) and had plans to start a small business. We did that. We also have a son, who was 6 at the time this happened. I had no family support here but naturally, my parents and in-laws promptly arrived from both the UK and Malta. I was devasted and was emotionally out of control. I cried day and night and at times saw my life as over.

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