Stroke patients all over the world continue to struggle for complete recovery. Time of their life gets wasted when contemporary treatment is palliative and training given to them is to learn to compensate for the loss andwaitfor recovery of affected side saying recovery takes time. After waiting for months, patients are told recovery has plateaued and they have to learn to compromise with loss. Patient dilemma is they are told ‘recovery takes time’ in acute state post stroke and in chronic state they hear it is too late, recovery after six months is difficult and after one year more difficult and plasticity of brain may help them to recover in chronic state but how and with what is not known to them. Struggle of the patients and their family seeing deteriorating life of their dear ones is evident from posts received from all over the world. Some of them are given below.

Note: We've either removed or abbreviated names of the patients to protect their privacy

Letter 15

My husband had a brain bleed 11 months ago, he can not talk to where he is understandable and he is so weak and off balance he can notwalk ,his hands and motor skills are very bad he has trouble eating ,he gets choked on everything ,and he breathes real wierd like hes panting and breathes through his mouth only so he is real dry all the time so he drinks about 160 ozs. or more water a day,what is your exercise program or what do you suggest?


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Letter 14

I.m not good with a computer,I received a e-mail about your stroke recovery concept and since I had a brain stroke in May,2003, which left my feftside paralyzed, a vein burst in my head from high blood pressure, which left the left-side of my body slightly paralyzed, now I cannot open my left had or walk without the assistance of a cane, because of my balance.

I was wondering if you could give me some exercises to do.

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Letter 13

Dr Vasa,

I came across your website. My father, aged 50, suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in the right hemisphere, on May 26, 2008, which led to left hemiplegia.

He underwent surgery within 2-3 days of the stroke, and was hospitalized for about 2 months following the surgery.

He had been taking physiotherapy at home since then, which resulted in some improvement. Since the beginning of january, we have been taking him to Indian Spinal Injuries Center, Delhi for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Doctors have told us that it is very unlikely that he will become normal again and we should focus on making him independent.

Please help!



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Letter 12

Hello Rajul,

Wow what wonderful work you have done on behalf of us stroke diseased and disabled people. Thank you I have just found the vasa concepts pages on the internet and am totally blown away by the obvious that being the positivity.  i am a 47 year young stroke patient and I am now at the two year mark from suffering the biggest lifechanging dramatic event of my life.  not by choice mind you. Now let me try as quickly as possible to let you know how I got here.  I am a native of New Zealand now residing in Australia ( I have been here for 5 years now).

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Letter 11

Hello my name is Celeste and I live in the Bahamas. I am 47 yo female.  I had a stroke in April of last year as the doctors later found out that my body produces too much platelets.  I am able to walk though slowly with a foot splint for spasticity and sometimes use a cane. My left side was affected but my speech and swallowing are fine.  Also I have no neglect or cognitive deficits.

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Letter 8

Dr. Vasa,

My father suffered an ischemic stroke 6 months ago.  While he has made great progress, he has started to plateau.  He still walks with a limp and a stick, and he has virtually no movement in his right hand/arm.  Are there any exercises you can suggest to help regain some movement in his hand? 

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Letter 7

Hi Dr Rajul Vasa

I am a stroke survivor im 27yrsold i had my stroke on 7th aug 2008i had my stroke because ihadanAVM.ive seen that many people have benefited from you.i still havent recovered yet. i can walk now buti still cant walk properly and my toes tend to curl up whenever i has been 7mths already that i had my stroke but i see no improvment yet in my walking can you help me on this pls???

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Letter 6

Dr. Vasa

My name is C.G., 49 yrs old I had my stroke on June, 26 2009. This afected my left side. I spent 3 weeks in ICU. Then I was transferred to a Rehab clinic where I made many improvements. To the point that in 3 weeks I was walking again with out any assistance. I was determend to get better fast. I still go to out paitient therapy on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

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