Stroke patients all over the world continue to struggle for complete recovery. Time of their life gets wasted when contemporary treatment is palliative and training given to them is to learn to compensate for the loss andwaitfor recovery of affected side saying recovery takes time. After waiting for months, patients are told recovery has plateaued and they have to learn to compromise with loss. Patient dilemma is they are told ‘recovery takes time’ in acute state post stroke and in chronic state they hear it is too late, recovery after six months is difficult and after one year more difficult and plasticity of brain may help them to recover in chronic state but how and with what is not known to them. Struggle of the patients and their family seeing deteriorating life of their dear ones is evident from posts received from all over the world. Some of them are given below.

Note: We've either removed or abbreviated names of the patients to protect their privacy

Letter 55


My name is T.R.. I survived a stroke caused by blockage in the Pons area of the brain on December 13, 2007.  I am working hard to achieve some level of normality but am aware of the possibility of developing bad habits.

I can walk to some degree without a cane though I have been using an AFO to assist with foot drop and a knee brace to prevent hyper-extension.

I have some arm movement but little motion in the fingers.  I suffer only at night from cramps and fisting.

I would be very interested to learn more about the Vasa concept.  I am not wealthy and find that most programs are more interested in what I can pay than my recovery.

Looking forward to your response
sincerely yours

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Letter 54 - My father's stroke

Dear Rajul

My father Geoff had a very serious stroke 3 years ago. He is currently in a wheel chair, can walk a few steps with a stick and has little use of his left arm and has a spastic left hand. He continues to have physiotherapy treatment but to no avail. His physiotherapy to date has been of a passive nature and has not challenged Geoff to make independent recovery.

I have become very interested in hypnotherapy and NLP and will shortly be retraining in these areas after 20 years as a Chartered Accountant.

My feeling has been that the power of the brain is the only way to gain mastery of the body again and found your website this morning whilst searching for information to support this feeling.

Is there anyone in England who is practising your VASA concept. We live close to London.

Thank you very much


Hi Rajul

It is fantastic to be in a position to be able to make such a contribution in a lifetime.

The great gift will be to show that stroke sufferers can be helped significantly - from the knowledge that I have gained during my father's illness, the medical profession in the UK quickly write-off any prospect of recovery in the majority of cases, their main being to make people comfortable but without providing any hope of useful recovery. To put the power of recovery into the hands of stroke sufferers and their families would be wonderful - the medical profession would have to take notice and provide more resources. Additionally there would be significant employment for additional helpers.

Thanks - the beauty of your concept is that it hands back control of the recovery process to the patient and carer. I believe that we should be in control, as far as possible, of our bodies and our physical and mental health. We can't afford to leave it in the hands of doctors and drug companies, because this leads to loss of our innate powers and of personal responsibility and motivation. Unfortunately the lack of responsibility for ourselves is endemic in the UK with millions eating bad food, smoking and taking little exercise. It follows that heart disease, cancer and stroke are the biggest killers. Only comparatively recently have public authorities begun to warn of the dangers, mainly driven by the unsustainable cost to the National Health Service and the taxpayer. It follows also that the level of care offered to the aged and the poor is inadequate and stroke victims like my father are given drugs and anti-depressants rather than a program for recovery.

I have already seen the change in my parents from handing them the power to achieve recovery through your guidance. They are much happier, my father has much more life about him and my mother is much more positive. I read your words to them and they fill them with hope and motivation. It means a lot to me to be able to help them in this way.

I am so pleased that I found your website as it has breathed new life into our fight for my father's recovery which was looking impossible before.

We are all hoping that my father will make a significant recovery and we would be very pleased to be in a position demonstrate the success of your methods and to encourage others to follow. It will be something like a miracle as for 3 years he has been told not to expect any significant improvement.

I wish you every success possible and sincerely hope that we can provide evidence to others for the effectiveness of your methods.

Kind regards


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Letter 53 - Information


I am 48 years old,I had a car accident 18 years ago,a bleed on the left side of brain,resulting in right sided hemi-plegia,one year in hospital,got out of wheelchair,left stick behind,a lot of physio and exercise,still do a lot of exercise but I am always left with tightness and spasticity,I feel I could do better with a different approach,I am a positive person,this has kept me going,

I live independently and woulw like a better result for a lot of hard work,

Thanking You,


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Letter 52 - Possible patient in Arkansas, United States

Dr. Vasa,

My mother-in-law has recently (August 22, 2006) suffered a pretty serious stroke.  She is 75 years old. It is not the first one she has suffered.  From prior strokes, she had lost feeling in the left side of her body and although she could use it, it was not normal use.  Unfortunately, after recovering from a mastectomy she suffered another more serious stroke.  This one has left her with little control of any part of her body.  She has lost the power of speech and cannot really even communicate in any other meaningful way on a consistent basis (can’t control her blinking or head nodding).  Prior to this stroke, her “good side” was her right side.  However, now she has completely lost the use of that side and barely can use her left side at all, but the family has already taken to calling that her “good side” now.

I have read some good things about your program on the internet and would be interested in getting her stared on your program, but am unsure what to do to get her started.  She has shown very small signs of improvement with my wife (her daughter) and her sister.  However, when other doctors or therapists or “strangers” come into the room to ask her to do the same things, she clams up and will not even try to respond.

I will continue to review your website for further guidance and hopefully answer some additional questions, but I would appreciate an e-mail response from you as soon as you get the opportunity.  Are there any other questions you need answered before we can make the determination if she will benefit from your treatment program?  If so, please let me know what they are and I will try to provide you with that information.  Thank you for your time.

S. J. B.
CollinCounty, Texas

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Letter 51 - Vasa Concept

Hello Dr.,

My name is Sarah, I had a brain stem stroke 2 1/2 years ago.  I am very interested in your concept because motor is my only problem.  My stroke left me completely paralyzed.    I can't walk or stand up.  My right side is better but not "good."

I have been reading your ebook and I read your update on balance.  My balance is... I feel like I'm nailed to the ground; it seems impossible to lift my foot off the ground unless I'm holding on to the bars.  Are exercises listed further in the book?  (I'm only on page 23!)  Do you have any specific advice for my condition?

Thank you,


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Letter 50 - Dad's stroke

Hi Rajul,

I was just wanting to touch base about my Dad's stroke, it happen about 4 months ago, it was massive affecting the entire left side of his brain.  He could not swallow,speak and total right side paralysis.  He has other health problems; diabetic, irregular heartbeat etc.  They, in no uncertain terms told us he would not live when it first happened.  He is 60 years old. He can now swallow, eats anything he wants.  He speaks a few words mainly cuss words, other than that not much on speech.  He still can't move his right arm, he can move his right leg some, we do exercises with a slide board and he is getting stronger with pushing his leg down and pulling it in, not so much with pulling the leg back up or pushing it out.  He is at home now PT comes in 2 to 3 times a week.  I however do these simple exercises with him everyday.  He fusses sometimes but is pretty good about helping, he tires very easily.  I am hopeful that he will someday walk again, he will kick his foot out to walk with a cane like thing and with the PT, however he seems scared of the leg, as if he doesn't trust that it will hold him.  I just wonder if I am doing the right thing in exercising him, I also get him to stand at the kitchen sink, shifting back and forth to get him to place some weight on that leg.  As far as his arm, it is almost 3 fingers out of socket and seem very,very painful.  Anytime I touch his arm to exercise it or just to straighten his fingers out he yells out in pain.  He doesn't ever complain with pain with his leg.  He doesn't seem to be sensitive to touch, hot or cold.  I am just looking for any advise that you could give me.  He is so precious, before he was kind of rough & tuff in personality, but now I see a innocence about him that is almost childlike.  He seems to understand everything you say and what goes on around him, just can't speak.  He loved to play cards, so we still do that and I am amazed at how he doesn't miss a beat when it comes to this.  I still can't seem to beat him and he loves it.  The other part of this that is so hard is the emotion, he cries now and I am having a hard time dealing with that.  I can take him shouting his cuss words when he's mad at me, but the crying..... that's a different story.  I guess it's even harder because he can't tell me what is wrong.   Before this I can remember seeing him cry only 2 times.  It is very hard.  In closing I thought we had lived through some hard times, he was beaten by his father whom also sexually abused several of his granddaughters me being one of them.  My Daddy has always been special to me because he was my protector, now I feel I have to protect him. To date this is hands down the hardest thing I've ever had to go through.  Please help me.


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Letter 49 - cva stroke

Dr. Vasa,

i saw your webpage today and was very impressed.  i am hoping you can help me.  i suffered a cva stroke in December of 2005.  sine then i have very little use of my left side.  i have been in therapy since that time but my situation has improved very little.  my insurance is now exhausted.  i have little money but a great will to improve, can you help?

thank you,


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Letter 48 - Questions

Hello Dr. Rajul Vasa,

I just read you website and I am very interested.  I live in Los Angeles, CA and I suffered a stroke a year ago effecting my right side.  Currently, I walk with a limp, because my ankle is not triggering properly.  Also I have trouble using my right hand & arm correctly because of the tone.  I would like to write & type again with my right hand and walk & run again without a limp.

I believe you can help me.  Please let me know.

Thank you,


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Letter 47 - help and information would be appreciated

Hello Dr. Vasa,

My name is L. McW, I live in the United States and found your web site while searching for therapies for my wife of 42 years Carole who had a massive ischemic right brain stroke on May 9th 2008. As a result she has paralysis in her left arm and left leg with spasticity especially of the left arm and left hand.  She has been through two rehab centers and is showing slow improvement but the progress is painfully slow.  She is walking with the aid of a "hemiwalker" and assistance from me.  Her fingers are very stiff but she is able to muster a small amount of movement in them too.

I was wondering if you had a program via email that I can administer to my wife?  She is the love of my life and it almost kills me to see her with this disability.  Your program sounds very encouraging and I do hope and pray that you have a program via email that would work for her.

Hopeful Regards

L. McW

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Letter 46 - Rehab help

Hi Rajul

I need some help with my stroke rehab. I had a stroke three years ago and after multiple years various of therapies including oxygen therapy and botux shots I still have a lot of tone in my shoulder and I  have trouble reaching, straighting my elbow and walking. My left side is weak and I walk with an  AFO and I'm unable to wiggle my toe or ankle on my left side or bend my knee on the left side too. When I walk I actually use my hip to lift my leg. I'm 52 years old and I'm diabetic with high blood pressure.I'm currently taking a page and a half list of prescribed pills


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